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MFR Jazzmen


Our goal is to breed the very best all-around Border Collie. Our Border Collies are bred first for good temperament and medium to high drive instinct. You must have outgoing, confident, “people-oriented” pups in order to balance the working instinct in a Border Collie. They must bond with not only their “main person” but also with the whole family — kids and visitors too.

The working instinct must be there as well — even if the dog isn’t used for livestock herding, it can be channeled into other disciplines. Our former pups are doing a variety of jobs such as Search and Rescue, Fly Ball, Frisbee Competitions, Agility Competitions, hiking and riding companions as well as cattle and sheep herding. One is even being used to keep geese off a golf course!

Mission Falls Ranch is a cattle and sheep ranch and our breeding stock all work cows and sheep. We pride ourselves on the quality of our dogs. Many who have bought our pups have returned to purchase 2nd or 3rd puppies. Our pups are registered with American Border Collie Association (ABC). Hips and eyes guaranteed.  Call for availability of pups and started dogs…and check out our for sale page for planned litters.